Julian Larson - Armstrong

17. Actor on the side. Fuck this place I need a drink.

Private || Julian/Casey

  • Jules: Case, I just wanted to thank you for letting us spend Christmas and New Years at your house and also, thank you for helping me, trying to get through to me that I should move on. It hurts to say, but it's true. I have moved on since then from the other two, and I think I'm starting to feel more and more for Kurt then I originally planned. I haven't been this happy since I was with, him. But like you told me, you can only spend so much in the past before it's time to move forward. Okay I rambled, hah, anyway. I wanted to do something special for Kurt, and it involves cooking. I don't want it to be the same as with...Drew, but...different. Can you help me?
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